Ava Turns One

Happy Birthday Ava Rae!!! We love you so much. This has been the best year yet! Alva loves to tease us with almost kisses and hugs, head butting is her favorite and changing her diaper should be an Olympic Sport! This gal pal is a fan of kids and is a social little butterfly! She already has multiple boyfriends at church! Kisses them and everything! Oh boy! Cheers to this next year and all of the fun to be had!


11 Months of Ava

Ava 11 month Update

Smack! It is crazy how August of last year seemed like a distant vacation that would take an eternity to reach (pregnancy does that to time), and then you have this August, which just SMACKED me in the face, or wait, was that Ava?!…. Yes, she smacks me in the face & laughs oh so hard! I’ll take her little hand and hit my forehead over and over with it and she will do the deepest belly giggle! I love her giggles! It’s the simple things right? Ava is our little spit fire. She waves like Forest Gump, but she has mastered the art of using both arms instead of just one. Why have we been waving with only one arm this entire time? Much more exciting to see someone wave with both! When you say, “Give me hugs,” she’ll lay her little head down on you for nearly a millisecond, but it is a hug nonetheless. She loves the games, “Come get me!” and “Pick Up Whatever I Throw.” Laughs really hard for belly tickles, loves to take things “out,” and stanky leg crawls to pull herself up on everything and scooch along. She LOVES attention.


Ava hits double digits (10 months)

Ava 10 month Update

Ava began crawling at the end of June and we just get a kick out of her form. Imagine one leg is straight and the other is bent and she kind of hobbles to and fro. She even got a lazy eye while learning;) When you leave the room she hurries as fast as her little legs will get her over to you. She does not like to be alone, which I’m totally fine with because I can’t get enough of her squishy legs and kissable cheeks! Muah!!!! Says, “mama” and “dada,” we like to think on purpose, and loves being around other people, new things, and never in the same place for too long. Her and the car seat aren’t really friends…. Hopefully they make-up soon:)

These pictures are Ava to a T! The only time this gal holds still is when she is snoozin’ and even then she is tossing and turning! I made her hold still while I snapped one picture and she did the biggest Dave face! Hahaha. Neither of them like when I tell them what to do, what do you know?! Just creating their own stories:)


9 Months for Ava Rae


IMG_2863 IMG_2841 IMG_2837 IMG_2760  IMG_2747IMG_2750  IMG_2726 IMG_2715IMG_2740 IMG_2713 IMG_2710 IMG_2702IMG_2687   IMG_2665

Ava turned 9 months old on our trip to Maui with my parents. We did a mini mom and me photo shoot with our elite photographer, grandma, to document 9 months out of the womb! I love when we switched just at the end to get a grandma and me! Hahahah. Classic Ava.

Your new favorite game is to make a loud noise to get a response and then you giggle like crazy when we look at you and say “HEY!” You are now a mama’s girl and cry when anyone takes you away from your mom. It melts my little heart. While grocery shopping you will grunt or speak a little “Ava language” at everyone you see, as you sit like a big kid in the front seat, just trying to get a response. 99% of the time they say, “Oh, hello! What a cute baby!” You smile and act like this is your daytime job and you are employee of the month soaking in the congratulations! You bring sunshine everywhere you go, unless you are hungry, poopy, or tired, then you are Lord Voldemort. Please be a Harry Potter fan when you grow up or Star Wars because your middle name is Rae!:)

Ava 8 Months!

Adorable pics that aunt Lindsay took of you just before you turned 8 months! Such a cutie:)

Day in the life of Ava!

7:30 Wake up, nurse & join mom for workout at 8:00! All the bootcampers are heart-eyes for our own personal Gerber baby! You love joining the workouts. Music, movement, & mom, what more could a babe want?!

9:00 Pretend to eat breakfast… Never very hungry in the morn because you still wake up 1-2 times a night to nurse like a growing baby should!

9:30 Play, Read, try to crawl and fall on face. Cry a little so mom will rescue you with a hug to which you will always arm bar her. Wanting to be held, but never facing in. What is the fun in that?…. other than the occasion hairs on mom’s head that need to be pulled and draw strings on her sweaters that need to be sucked on!

10:00-12:00 Nurse and we take a nap together. I love this time of day to cuddle and snuggle my babe. You sleep in the parents’ bed because they like to break the rules! Muahahahaha. Don’t worry, we use bed bumpers as if our bed were a bowling lane and you were a big bowling ball!

12:00: Lunch! We like to eat our lunch outside on a blanket picnic-style. This way you can roll around and try to eat grass for dessert! All good fun. You love asparagus, yogurt, raisins, cheese, baby puffs, and WATER- like your mamma dad always says!

12:30-2:00 Walks with aunties & grandma, hikes, friend visits, errands, activities with dad when he is home, insert smorgasbord of things here! The sky is the limit!

2:00-3:30 Nap w/o mom! You are such a big kid sleeping all by yourself (usually in the car or stroller).

3:30-6:00 Play, play, play. Moving from one activity to the next always letting us know when it is unacceptable for you to be in one spot for too long! We love our active baby!

6:00 Din din. We break up whatever we are eating into little pieces and you feed yourself with your chubby index finger and thumb! So messy and adorable all at the same time…. Smorable!

8:00 Bath time: Your absolute favorite time of the day! As mom fills the tub with water you sit on the edge and kick your legs against the side, wishing you had mastered the dive already except for your head under the water is a no, no! You are sure to let mom know that is not an ok activity!

8:30/9:00 Bedtime: Nurse and fall asleep with mama! Mom goes to bed early so that she can wake up at 4:30am and teach online while you snooze…. Usually! Sometimes you wake up and join class for a bit! You are a big hit with the Chinese students…. “Oooh… she is very cute” they say or sometimes it is, “It is very loud….” Hahaha I always want to sing, “Welcome to My House!” Not a dull moment!

Of course our schedule varies day by day, but this is the norm! I’m truly so blessed and honored to be your mom! What a gift to be with you each day. I don’t take any of our time together for granted! Every day there is something new to learn, and I get to teach you about so many important things! It is so much fun witnessing all the fun, new things with you!


7 month Update

Stats= Bigger than last month/ I didn’t weigh or measure her to keep things exciting with the…unknown

Air and water swims, jabbers all day long, “dada..dadada..da…(High pitched squeal)…dadda,” loves her fruity baby food, allergic to oatmeal, sucks on celery, apples, & pineapple rinds, ticklish, loves adventures in the ergo and flew first class like a champ. Visited Portland, Southern Cali, and Bryce Canyon this month!


1/2 Way Around the Sun


Stats= 24 inches and 15 lbs of pure cutie!.

It has been 6 months of converting oxygen into carbon dioxide for this hunk-a-hunk-a  Shots=Check 6 month time-out from those sharp needles! Phew….These are hard for mama.  Ava is our wiggle worm, splashes like crazy in the tub, talks all day long, eats toes, sits up, walks with our help, ticklish, loves to go everywhere with us, does a that-tastes-yucky face to baby food, and is officially scared of strangers.

Ava’s Little Scare: Are you Allergic to Cereal?

Dad is going to be very offended if you can’t eat his favorite meal…. cereal….

Had to share this scare. Perhaps others have had a similar experience with their kids as they were transitioning to solids.

So, Ava has had rice cereal 2 other times before this so it happened out of the blue. I haven’t been very consistent with feeding her rice cereal at night before bed, but made a goal to start giving it to her each night. Really for my own selfish reasons of, hopefully keeping her full longer, and therefore waking up less at night. (She still wakes up 2-3 times real hangry). Gave her rice cereal with a small piece of mashed banana for flava flava and two bites of baby food (some blue fruit…..) that had been opened about 5 days prior. She guzzled it down like the chunk she is and was off to bed in no time.

2 hours later as I’m telling Dave goodnight on the phone I hear her gurgling in her bed. I sprint over to see the largest display of spew that size of a human can create & her choking on it. It smelled like adult puke… which was just the cherry on top! I get her cleaned up & assume that she ate too much food for her little tummy.

She looks a little pale & is oh, so lethargic, but anyone would be after a throw-up session like that. I’m not too concerned at this point, just blaming myself for not following one of those rules of.. Feed your baby only 15 bites…..

I’m holding her now in my bed because I just can’t put her back in her own from fear of her scaring me with that projectile vomit again. 15 min. later starts gagging and spews on the both of us. Now I’m really mad at myself for not following the 15 bite rule!

I’m calling Dave in the middle of the night concerned that something is not right. Google symptoms and find she may have an allergy to the rice cereal called FPIES. Same symptoms of 2 hours after consuming projectile vomit for 2 hours following.

I hold her as she is limp as can be. She looks up & around, goes bright red & gags, now spewing out green stomach acid. Just the most heartbreaking image of my little babe.

1.75 hours of throwing up, and I start becoming concerned of dehydration, which can be deadly. My mind is racing… Do I need to call 911?…. Should I take her to the ER? What should I do? I’m sure it was a lot of first-time mom anxiety at this point.

Call Dave again who gets his dad on the phone.. in the middle of the night, need I remind you… (he’s Ava’s doctor & grandfather!) He calms me down by reassuring me that the best thing is for her stomach to empty itself and then let her rest before nursing her. It will take at least 4 hours for her to become dehydrated….

I lay holding my exhausted babe as helpless tears run down my cheeks and Dave stays on the other line (he’s a good dad/husband) reassuring me that I’m doing a good job!

2 hours later, after many silent prayers, Ava stops throwing up. Thank goodness!

I haven’t given her real food since…..



5 Months old

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 Ava is getting her cute little personality, and it is, oh so much fun to witness. She lights up with a huge grin when she wakes up in the morning, unless you leave Dave in charge and he chooses to push her snooze button, which doesn’t work. Nice try Dave. She giggles, smiles, and puts everything and anything directly into her gummy mouth. Her chubby little legs are always wanting to stand, with parental assistance, and she has just about mastered the sit-up (not the exercise, but just the basic ability to sit). Rolling over is foreign and may never see the light of day for this tummy hater, but she’s got a wicked back time with random smiles and coos at unknown objects in the sky. She lets us know that car rides are unacceptable and chooses to sleep in our bed over hers, especially if she is all snuggled in our arms (fine by mom). We love this little bundle of joy!


Ava 4 Month Update

4 Month Update 1/05/2016

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Stats: 23 inches, 12 lbs, 10% for head 🙂

Ava gets to go to her grandpa Taylor for check-ups now! Wahoo!:)

Month 4 has been so much fun to experience with the lil’ Miss. Covered moving to a new state and Christmas like it wasn’t even her first time. Oh, and she flew on a plane again (6th time, no problem). We are really just trying to make sure that when she goes to school and starts comparing travel stats with her friends that she will always be the “cool kid.” This is really important, obviously. Drooling and cooing are her two favorites this month, and she is better at blowing bubbles with her spit than any adult I know. Her laughs and smiles are more rewarding as they are becoming more frequent and are always directed at those she knows and loves, myself included! Favorite sounds are kissy noise, pop with mouth, and the occasional fart-remix. Ava is mauled by her parents, and we pretty much think that anything she does is adorable, even her blast-out fart in the middle of a silent, suppose-to-be-spiritual moment at church. I chuckle to think how Dave and I look with her out in public. Always wanting to hold her, singing everything, and seeing who can soothe her best or make her laugh the most. A strong “First time parents” smell follows us everywhere. It’s obvious, but oh so sweet. Ava fits her excersaucer and loves when you bounce her and say chicka-chicka-chicka. Be careful though because other parent may scold for border-line shaking baby syndrome, but she laughs real hard, so it’s ok to do. Does a jig kicking her legs real fast when we do workouts & loves your attention (I wonder where she got that from……). We love you baby Rae!

P.S. Ava’s middle name is really cool now that the main character on the 7th Star Wars name is Ray.