Ava Turns 2

Children make life go in fast forward! I can not believe how fast they grow in all aspects. Ava went from barely walking to running. Knowing “dada” and “mama” to using sentences like, “hold you” = “Will you hold me?”  “Come on Dad!” “Sorry, sorry, sorry.” as she maneuvers around you while cleaning with a “towel.”

Ava loves to watch Sing and calls it “Monkey Sing” because the monkey is her favorite. She loves “Trolls” and every time a song comes on she says, “Let’s Dance,” to which Dave picks her up and jams around the front room.

She is obsessed with the park, zoo, dogs and babies. Good thing because she will be getting a baby sister in February 2018! We can hardly wait. She says, “Oh, soft” while hitting my tummy, and “Kisses” while she gives my belly a smooch, bare belly always- “Iwanna see!” hahaha.

She gets so excited when she hears dad coming home from a trip and says, “Oh, go hide!” We hide and then she runs into his arms with the biggest grin.

Ava loves to sing and knows the words to many of the “Trolls” songs. It is soo cute when she sings them. We got her a stride bike, Grandma Romer got her a scooter and Grandma Taylor got her a rocking horse. She is scared of all of them and wants us to push her around on them like a princess! Dave and I are already researching what to do if you child doesn’t like sports! hehehe. Just kidding! She loves balls and kicks the soccer ball like mom and says, “Go dada!” at all of Dave’s basketball games in between climbing on everything in sight of course!

I love this age and will embrace this season of life when we have littles and grandparents to spoil them! Feeling very lucky to be this blue eyed babies mama! I love her!


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