Year 2: 2016-2017

This year has flown by! I have been recording footage and creating videos this past year, so all of the updates have been uploaded to YouTube. I had to make a year 2 update bullet point style to remember the good stuff from Ava’s second time around the sun! She has brought us more joy than we could possibly imagine. I feel so blessed and lucky to raise Ava with my hubby, Dave. He amazes me with his patience and ability to teach Ava new things. I learn so much from his example and get teary eyed just thinking about the relationship that they have together. He has sure blown my expectations out of the water in the dad department. I love this family we have created and never want to take this good life for granted! #blessed hahaha:)



2016-2017 highlights picture style:)


Corn mazes & Pumpkin Patches

Georgia for Halloween as a lady bug

Hiking with mom at Antelope Island and Snow Basin

Thanksgiving with the Taylors

Lots of zoo trips

Played in the snow & didn’t like it

Love to get into ALL of mom’s teacher stuff

Seaquest Season Pass: Best purchase



Ogden Lights

Christmas in Layton with dad home from Spirit training

New Years on Temple Square with Grandma and Grandpa

Midway Ice Castles

Snow Days with cousins

Mom and dad go skiing

Park Days

Mom & Dad birthdays spent eating Sushi and doing Discovery Gateway Museum, Dads was Jeremiahs.

Bishop’s Cabin with the Young Women for mom

Visited Great Grandma and Grandpa for their birthdays (95 & 92)



Antelope Island with aunt Lisa and Kathy & grandma and Grandpa Romer for the twin’s birthdays

Thanksgiving point Museum of Natural History with cousin Mae

The Puppy Barn in Lehi!!

Running with mom

Hawaii: Kauai & Maui spent snorkeling, finding chickens, hiking, swimming, exploring sunflower farms & eating lots of acai bowls.

Tulip Festival with cousin Mae

Park walks with Jake, Halee & Hadley

More Zoo Days



San Diego with the Taylors with Sea World, Zoo Safari, San Diego Temple, workouts on the beach, family hike in slot canyon & cousins!

Mom plays soccer again!

Young Women’s Bake Sale

Mom goes to Vermont for Boot Camp Hub Retreat

Swimming at Surf and Swim, Clearfield Aquatic Center & Roy Pool

Find out mom is pregnant with baby sister due Feb 10, 2018

4th of July in Perry, Ut

Bryce Canyon with Romer family with hiking, mom runs a half marathon (9 weeks pregnant), bike riding and filming workouts

Mom goes to Girl’s Camp at Camp Lyman

Visit Utah Valley for Mae’s birthday

Pineview Reservoir

Davis Fair with petting zoo, circus, and fun with family.

Park City for the day with mom and dad

The Solar Eclipse 95%

Park Day with Cousins

Splash Pad with Mae & Luke’s soccer game

Ava turns 2!

Peach Days

Utah State Fair


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