Bryce Canyon Romer Family Trip + 1/2 Marathon


Blair, Jake, Kathy, Hadlee, Bryan, Lisa, Halee, Dad, Mom, Brighton, Lindsay, Dave, Miles, Sarah, Dean, Jude Lincoln, Mike, Ava, Me, & Dave (Missing Jim, Kayli, Trey, Oakley, Taylor, & Kaitlyn)

Romer family vacation was a BLAST this year. We got to relive all of our childhood Bryce Canyon vacations with our newer, BIGGER, family!!!  Jim’s family wasn’t able to make it, or else we would have had the entire fam there. We missed them.

We were there for only 3 days so it was a do-as-much-as-you-possibly-can-in-one-day kind of vacation.

Day 1: Got there around dinnertime. Ate at The Pines enjoying some homemade pie. (Not as good as Perry’s Maddox)… Now I want Maddox… Yum.

Day 2: Bike ride in the morn. There is a great paved path that goes through the red canyon and all the way up to the top of Bryce Canyon. Dave (husband) and I took turns biking so that one of us could be with Ava! He did the Red Canyon and loved it! Minus the entire uphill return. He said it was kind of like eating a box of donuts on the way down. You are enjoying it so much, but you know that you will regret it once you finish and have to get back!

Hiked Navajo loop with the whole fam. Mike’s family hadn’t gotten there yet! It was magical and a sure adventure with all the kids conquering this not-so-easy-but-listed-as-easy hike. Water break anyone?….. The kids did great! Ava enjoyed her front seat in the ergo carrier kicking her legs to make us feel better about our strenuous efforts.

Barbeque on the grass. We stayed at Ruby’s Inn, which is basically the best/ almost only place to stay. We always stay there! There was a beautiful grassy area that we had a barbeque and played with all of the kids on the grass! I loved this night so much. Mikes fam made it and it was so wonderful seeing all of the cousins playing together. Uncle Brian won the award of favorite… Devising my future plans in regaining this award;)

Day 3:

Race Day: Mike, brother Dave, my dad, and I signed up for the ½ marathon. Sarah and Miles did the 5k Saturday morning. My dad was going to do the 5k and then said, well if I’m ever going to do a half marathon this would be it, and he just did it! Like a champion. Times were Mike-1:31 Dave- 1:37 Nancy-1:43 Dad-2:09. Miles 27 min. and Sarah right behind him.

Thoughts while running a half marathon: Wow, Mike is starting out fast. Is Dave going to stick with him?… See ya! (Physically within eyesight of the start line). Wow, this downhill feels awesome! Just let the legs fly! The sunrise is beautiful. Running is fun! I’m passing people and stuff…. Mile 5. My calves are knots… tuck your bum! You got this! Crap people are passing me. 3 songs and you’ll see another mile done. 8 miles….. ok….. 5 more! 5 more? That is so far?… Don’t think, just do. Tuck your bum! Lift your knees… better yet, just keep moving. Man asks if I want some of his energy beans…. No Thanks… I must look exhausted… I sure feel exhausted… sip some Gatorade wishing it was an energy goo. 10 miles… Crap my knees hurt… slip pain med that doctor brother Mike gave me before the race…..Placebo or actual help gets me to mile 11… This is 4 miles more than I ever trained… hahaha… I should have trained… Wait, that person is passing me… Try to stay with them…Nah, they don’t look too bad after all….. Older man passes, young boy passes. I should have started slower! Burning out! Pacer behind me for 1:45 pace time. That’s it. He isn’t passing me. He is cheering us on and I really like him! I’m going to stay in front of him & I did! The end. 1:43

Signed up for a marathon when I got back because I was all inspired to train and conquer my time. I would love to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I have to get a time of 3:35, which is an 8 min. mile pace. I know I can do it so let the training begin! Could not train without such a great hubby that is ALWAYS willing to take Ava. I love Team Taylor!


Until next time Bryce Canyon!


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