Ava hits double digits (10 months)

Ava 10 month Update

Ava began crawling at the end of June and we just get a kick out of her form. Imagine one leg is straight and the other is bent and she kind of hobbles to and fro. She even got a lazy eye while learning;) When you leave the room she hurries as fast as her little legs will get her over to you. She does not like to be alone, which I’m totally fine with because I can’t get enough of her squishy legs and kissable cheeks! Muah!!!! Says, “mama” and “dada,” we like to think on purpose, and loves being around other people, new things, and never in the same place for too long. Her and the car seat aren’t really friends…. Hopefully they make-up soon:)

These pictures are Ava to a T! The only time this gal holds still is when she is snoozin’ and even then she is tossing and turning! I made her hold still while I snapped one picture and she did the biggest Dave face! Hahaha. Neither of them like when I tell them what to do, what do you know?! Just creating their own stories:)



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