11 Months of Ava

Ava 11 month Update

Smack! It is crazy how August of last year seemed like a distant vacation that would take an eternity to reach (pregnancy does that to time), and then you have this August, which just SMACKED me in the face, or wait, was that Ava?!…. Yes, she smacks me in the face & laughs oh so hard! I’ll take her little hand and hit my forehead over and over with it and she will do the deepest belly giggle! I love her giggles! It’s the simple things right? Ava is our little spit fire. She waves like Forest Gump, but she has mastered the art of using both arms instead of just one. Why have we been waving with only one arm this entire time? Much more exciting to see someone wave with both! When you say, “Give me hugs,” she’ll lay her little head down on you for nearly a millisecond, but it is a hug nonetheless. She loves the games, “Come get me!” and “Pick Up Whatever I Throw.” Laughs really hard for belly tickles, loves to take things “out,” and stanky leg crawls to pull herself up on everything and scooch along. She LOVES attention.



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