Kihei, Maui (Round 3)

 Kihei with Dave, Ava (9 months) , Mom & Dad: June 2nd-9th 2016

Dave works really hard so that we can go to Hawaii every year… I meant have food and shelter…. And also go on fun trips! We returned to Maui because we just can’t get enough of this tropical island. Lots of new finds and fun.

Our Expert Advice for Maui (3rd times the charm)

  1. Haekelena at sunrise was awesome! Breathe taking in many ways due to temperature, wind, and view! Do it! This was the first time we did. Get there 50 minutes before sunrise because a lot of people have the same idea as you, & you can star gaze!

2. Road to Hana: The best way to do the road to Hana is to drive to the very end where the good stuff is! Enjoy the views on the drive! Haekelena state park at the end has the Seven Sacred Pools, the Pipiwaii Trail to 200 ft. waterfall, and you can loop around the south end of the island to avoid as many turns. We liked doing a big loop because the road has been fixed and was actually not to shabby on the south end. Fun to see a different part of the island.

3. Charley Young Beach right outside our place in Kihei. We saw turtles here every night! Named them Crush… Every single one of them.


4. Big Beach is beautiful. This was just south of Kihei. There is great snorkeling and less touristy places near Kihei. Don’t go around the corner though…. I was trying to find somewhere to film my workout for the next day. I love filming workouts on our vacations. It holds me accountable and the Boot Campers love to join in all of the unique places. Well, I couldn’t find reception so I was strolling around with Ava and my mom when BAM nude beach… umm.. better not film here…. Hahaha. Filmed at Charley Young Beach instead.


5. Surfing in Kihei: Just across from the downtown area of Kihei is a great spot for beginning surfers. We paddle boarded and saw perfect waves for beginning surfing! Have to try surfing next time.


6. Traditional Death Road Drive: Drove to the North End of the island and made a big loop back. Kahakuloa is the cutest small town on the north end where Julia’s does in fact have the best banana bread. We tried a ton of different ones to compare!

7. Snorkel! We found a stop that had some great coral for snorkeling just north of Napili. There were a ton of sailboats with snorkel excursions here so we just randomly stopped to snorkel and saw turtles and lots of fishies. The water was a mix of fresh and salt so it would be major cold and then warm as could be! Snorkeled for a long time! We love snorkeling! The Caribbean still has my favorite snorkeling though. Ava liked feeding the wild chickens! Hahaha.

8. Plantation. We visited the beautiful plantation and ate lunch here when we had to return to the airport because it was so close. Great free option to enjoy something a little different. Except dinner is not free. It is in a real fancy place with a beautiful view. Best fish tacos of the trip.

9. Iao Valley: This park is an easy walk, but you do have to pay to get in if you aren’t a local. $10 per car. It is best to go when it is raining because you will see the BIGGEST waterfall on the island. Great to do on back to the airport day because it is pretty close by!

10. Family & Friends: It was a blast having the parents with us. Fun to share the experiences and fun things with others!

Foodie for your boodie. Dave’s favorite hobby is to find taco trucks and he excelled in his hobby this trip. Dave found our food each night!:) These are all close to Kihei. We tried so many taco trucks and our favorites were

  1.  Coconut’s Fish Café: (Not actually a truck, but this was our favorite) The best Coconut shrimp tacos! YUM! This was our favorite! It is also right next to a healthy Lemonade Acia Bowls place! Double Yum!
  2. South Maui Fish Company: This is a red truck just behind Horhitos Mobile Taqueria. Show up early because they close up once they sell out.
  3. Kinaole: Just south of us and delicious. A little more expensive, but it had a healthy side salad.
  4. Horhitos Mobile Taqueria: This was a walk away and $2 for the ono tacos. They were delicious.

Ulani’s Snow Cones is a must every time. There is one in Kihei as well as on Front Street in Lahaina.

Want to try 808 Street Gindz next time! It was highly recommended and we ran out of meals to use it with! Good reason to go back I think;)



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