Ava’s Little Scare: Are you Allergic to Cereal?

Dad is going to be very offended if you can’t eat his favorite meal…. cereal….

Had to share this scare. Perhaps others have had a similar experience with their kids as they were transitioning to solids.

So, Ava has had rice cereal 2 other times before this so it happened out of the blue. I haven’t been very consistent with feeding her rice cereal at night before bed, but made a goal to start giving it to her each night. Really for my own selfish reasons of, hopefully keeping her full longer, and therefore waking up less at night. (She still wakes up 2-3 times real hangry). Gave her rice cereal with a small piece of mashed banana for flava flava and two bites of baby food (some blue fruit…..) that had been opened about 5 days prior. She guzzled it down like the chunk she is and was off to bed in no time.

2 hours later as I’m telling Dave goodnight on the phone I hear her gurgling in her bed. I sprint over to see the largest display of spew that size of a human can create & her choking on it. It smelled like adult puke… which was just the cherry on top! I get her cleaned up & assume that she ate too much food for her little tummy.

She looks a little pale & is oh, so lethargic, but anyone would be after a throw-up session like that. I’m not too concerned at this point, just blaming myself for not following one of those rules of.. Feed your baby only 15 bites…..

I’m holding her now in my bed because I just can’t put her back in her own from fear of her scaring me with that projectile vomit again. 15 min. later starts gagging and spews on the both of us. Now I’m really mad at myself for not following the 15 bite rule!

I’m calling Dave in the middle of the night concerned that something is not right. Google symptoms and find she may have an allergy to the rice cereal called FPIES. Same symptoms of 2 hours after consuming projectile vomit for 2 hours following.

I hold her as she is limp as can be. She looks up & around, goes bright red & gags, now spewing out green stomach acid. Just the most heartbreaking image of my little babe.

1.75 hours of throwing up, and I start becoming concerned of dehydration, which can be deadly. My mind is racing… Do I need to call 911?…. Should I take her to the ER? What should I do? I’m sure it was a lot of first-time mom anxiety at this point.

Call Dave again who gets his dad on the phone.. in the middle of the night, need I remind you… (he’s Ava’s doctor & grandfather!) He calms me down by reassuring me that the best thing is for her stomach to empty itself and then let her rest before nursing her. It will take at least 4 hours for her to become dehydrated….

I lay holding my exhausted babe as helpless tears run down my cheeks and Dave stays on the other line (he’s a good dad/husband) reassuring me that I’m doing a good job!

2 hours later, after many silent prayers, Ava stops throwing up. Thank goodness!

I haven’t given her real food since…..




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