Breakthrough Health & Wellness Inc.

AKA: The Boot Camp Hub

I’m so excited to share this good news. I just got a job as a coach for Breakthrough Health & Wellness Inc. It is a company, founded by CEO Jonathan Roche, that is a virtual boot camp of workouts, nutrition guides, and great motivation. Members have access to live workouts on all weekdays as well as thousands of recordings that focus on Interval training for 30min. or less, as well as Strength training workouts with minimal equipment. There are recipes & cooking videos as well! The biggest thing that I really enjoy being a part of is the motivation that it brings to be healthy & be the best “self” that you can. There are motivational videos, retreats (virtual & live), and guidelines that teach members to eat healthy, clean meals within proportion as well as exercise 5-6 times a week (short, HIIT workouts, which are my favorite for a good endorphin mood boost). I could just go on and on about how in love I am with the BCH. The members are supportive & accepting to all, which just makes all of the difference. It sounds like I’m trying to advertise for them, but I’m just stoked about this awesome opportunity.

As a coach I film myself from my Iphone live Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday mornings doing a 30 min. workout from any location that there is wifi or access to my data. It is perfect for a pilot wife because Ava can join me in the workouts & I get to train others from the comfort of my home! Being a part of helping others get their health and fitness back on track has been so rewarding, motivating, and overall sets the tone for my day. “Win today & Repeat!” (my new favorite quote) I love that it teaches us that we need to strive for progress not perfection & that we need to train our mind to think positive & tell our negative voice to hit the high road.

This opportunity has encouraged me to not worry about everything being perfect in video, looks, display etc. before sharing it with others. Be authentic and be yourself because a lot of people could miss out on what you have to offer and share if you are always worrying about this or that instead of just doing it!

Here is the video clip I sent in for my “audition.”



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