Christmas 2015

Highlights from this Christmas that I don’t want to forget!


1. Spending time with family. Whether it is the traditional present-steal game or watching the kiddos faces light up as they open their gifts, spending time with both sides of our families is always a treat we treasure.

2. Simplifying and focusing on Christ. What a great time to refocus and learn from the ultimate teacher, Christ, our Savior.


3. Trip planned! Dave and I do a trip in the place of Christmas gifts. We went to Hawaii last year for Christmas (went in April, though). We fell in love with Hawaii and plan on visiting it again this 2016 for our Christmas gift with lil’ Miss Ava in tote. We want to do a trip every year as our “Christmas Tradition!” Stay tuned for details to come on our trip!


4. Getting together with friends: Roomies, Carpool, High School, Soccer, etc. It is so much fun catching up with friends.


5. Having Ava with us this Christmas. Last Christmas we didn’t even know that we were pregnant with our gal. I have always looked forward to having children, and having our babe with us for all of the parties and get-togethers has been the cherry on top this Christmas Season!


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