Blizzards, Big Trucks, & Back to Utah

Moved from Oregon to Utah 

Flew back to Oregon from Utah with the parents, aka champion movers (I’m looking into a trophy for this award!) and Ava didn’t quite enjoy this flight. Not even the “miracle hold” discovered by the genius doctor could soothe our poor baby cakes. Right when we landed all smiles! But in her defense she doesn’t know how to “pop her ears.” In due time my little one. Ava traveled like a champ on our 15-hour drive back to Utah with all of our stuff (mostly mine because Dave secretly wants to be a nomad). Yes, it normally takes about 10 hours, but there wasn’t one second that we weren’t being covered in H20 in all of its 3 forms. Shout out to all of the help that we received! Both Parents, Dave’s brother Nate, ward friends, and Cam’s fam. We were so lucky to have the help, and we were able to conquer our moving quest in 1 weekend because A) We are no Rookies and B) We bribe people to help us with donuts and free looks (but no touching until you wash your hands) of the cute baby. Moved in just in time to… set-up the tree… NOT… I scrooged it and left it packed because lets face it, I’m just a practical gal. Better luck next year Evergreen! These are the only pictures I captured of the whole adventure because, lets face it, I only take pictures of the babe now. She just wakes up looking like that….Dave and I not so much…. See pics for proof. #beautygoals (Dave gets to be in all of her pics because he is a baby hog.) Goodbye Mt. Hood:(




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