Arizona- What I Miss

It is the best to visit Arizona Oct-May when the temperature is perfect. It does actually kind of get cold in the winter. My favorite was January/February when the temperature was just right! Those beautiful pink, red, and yellow sunsets were just the frosting on the cake.

20141016_1805451.  Frost… Frost… and Frost…. If you are headed to Arizona you need to go to Frost! It is a gelato shop that has the BEST gelato in all of the land. Straight from Italy or something fancy like that. But seriously, I got so excited for our “frost date” that I ran head first into the glass door startling all of the costumers. After being asked if I was “OK”….(I’m assuming they were referring to physically, but there is no way to be sure) by every human in the building we made off with a free gelato for “what happened” as the employee called it. Dave was only embarrassed enough to wait a week before we returned! And in my defense the door is usually open. After gelato you can walk around the mall in Gilbert & visit our favorite Barnes and Noble! You can also catch a flick.

20140816_1726022. Hiking Camelback. This is a quick, but challenging hike in Phoenix. There are two different trails that you can take. Echo Canyon or Cholla. I always took Echo because it was quicker, and fun to use the chains up the steep part of the mountain.

3. Hole in the Rock: We enjoyed this short walk to a…..Hole in a Rock. We watched the airplane take off and land at Sky Harbor. Definitely a Dave thing to do.

hole in the rock.jpg

4. Food & Shopping: There are so many restaurants, shopping malls, and movie theaters. Visit and enjoy them all! Yummy Mexican Food on Arizona Ave. Joe’s Farm Grill, Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q. Shopping at San Tan Village & Chandler Fashion Center.

gilbert shopping



5. Cardinals/ D-Backs Game: Dave and I were such rookies at our first pro football game bringing too big of bags & outside drinks and stuff. Haha. Like a little boy on Christmas Dave couldn’t even sleep the night before. Now if only we could get hookups to that pool in the outfield at the baseball game we would be set.

6. Golf: Because that is what you do in Az. That and own a dog so that you can visit one of the many dog parks. I even ran across a dog carnival, true story.

7. Sonora Dessert: This is down in Tucson. It was fun to visit & there is really good food down there, plus you can stop and see a bazzillion airplanes at the “airplane graveyard,” just another “Dave activity.”


8. State Fair: I know every state has a fair, but I LOVED the Arizona one. There were different bands playing every night & you could just go to the concerts as part of your ticket into the fair. Good bands too. We ate caramel apples, and tried weird carnival food because Dave gets excited about funnel cakes and weird things done to bacon.


9. Swimming, Biking, & Running: Everyone has a pool & everyone knows how to swim in Az. Whether it is to survive the summers or to avoid the snail-left-out-of-his-shell-too-long-without-moisture look it is a must. Biking and running are a lot of fun when it is below 100 degrees. If you are an avid biker you will like the fact that the roads in Az go on forever! If you are an avid runner you will not like that the roads go on forever. Stick to the canal and south mountain to avoid that straight line of forever!


10. Gilbert Temple: Always fun to visit the beautiful temple.


Didn’t get to- Sedona, beautiful town near Flagstaff. I hear it is a nice break from the heat in the summer.


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